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3 Ways to Prevent Major Plumbing Leaks and Flooding in Your Home

05.09.22 12:49 PM Comment(s) By Anand

3 Ways to Prevent Major Plumbing Leaks and Flooding in Your Home

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Water damage is one of the most common—and costly—types of home insurance claims. In fact, from 2015 to 2019, the average cost per claim for water damage and freezing increased nearly 50%, and flooding caused nearly $8 billion in losses across the U.S. No one wants to deal with the headache of a plumbing leak or flood, but the good news is there are some best plumbers in Houston you can hire to help prevent these nightmares from happening in your home.

No matter, how many tapes or clothes you use to stop the water from coming in, it will never be able to fix the problem from the source. The best way to prevent any kind of plumbing leak is by hiring the best plumbing company in Houston who can help you detect any potential problems and address them before they become major disasters.

There are many different ways that a plumbing leak or flood can occur in your home. Some of the most common include:

1. Worn or Damaged Pipes: Over time, your pipes will wear down and become damaged. This can be due to a number of factors, including corrosion, mineral deposits, and tree roots. If not repaired or replaced, these pipes can leak or burst, causing major flooding in your home.

2. Faulty Fixtures: Another common cause of plumbing leaks is faulty fixtures, such as toilets, faucets, and showers. These fixtures can develop cracks or leaks over time, which can lead to water damage in your home.

3. Appliance failures: Washing machines, dishwashers, and other appliances that use water can also fail and cause leaks. These appliance failures can be due to a number of factors, such as faulty hoses, valves, or pumps.

4. Sewer line breaks: One of the most serious—and costly—types of plumbing leaks are a sewer line break. This can happen if your sewer line becomes blocked or damaged, causing sewage to back up into your home. This can lead to a very dangerous and unsanitary situation, as well as costly repairs.

Why Houston Has the Highest Plumbing Demand?

If we look at the data for the past three months, Houston's homeowners were burdened by plumbing problems more than any other homeowners in the nation. In fact, they reported an average of 2.6 plumbing problems per household, compared to the national average of 1.5 problems per household.

Many residents demanded the best plumbing Houston this year because of leaky pipes, sewage breakdowns, and water supply blockage. However, what could be the reason for this?

A possible explanation is that the city's aging infrastructure is taking its toll. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the average age of a water main in Houston is 47 years old. That means that many of the pipes in residents' homes are also quite old. With age comes wear and tear, and it's likely that Houston continue to face its ups and down, when it comes to plumbing problems.

Nevertheless, the city is working hard to improve its infrastructure. In 2019, Houston voters approved a $2.5 billion bond package to be used for infrastructure improvements, including new water and sewer lines. So although the challenges may be great, it seems that Houston is slowly but surely getting a handle on it. Till then, for any kind of plumbing issues, you can rely on our best Houston plumbers. Another possible explanation is the city's climate. Hot and humid weather can take a toll on pipes, causing them to expand and contract more than they would in cooler climates. This can lead to leaks and other problems.

Whatever the cause, it's clear that Houstonians have had to face more than their fair share of plumbing problems in recent months. But with the city working to improve its infrastructure and residents taking steps to protect their homes, hopefully the situation will improve in the future.

If you're a Houstonian who has been dealing with plumbing problems, It's time to get the best plumbing in Houston. Talk to our experts!

How to Prevent your Home from the Water Leakage

Here are three ways to help prevent major plumbing leaks and flooding in your home:

Inspect exposed pipes regularly for signs of leaks or corrosion- If you have any exposed pipes in your home (e.g., in the basement or crawlspace), make it a habit to inspect them regularly for any signs of leaks or corrosion. If you do see any suspicious wet spots or discoloration, don’t delay—call an emergency plumbers Houston right away so they can fix the problem before it becomes a larger issue.

Keep an eye on your water bill- An unexplained spike in your water usage could be a sign of a hidden leak somewhere in your plumbing system. So, if you notice your water bill increasing for no apparent reason, it’s worth taking a closer look to see if there might be a problem.

Understand what’s covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy- Before a plumbing emergency strikes; take the time to understand what’s covered—and what’s not—by your homeowners insurance policy. That way, you’ll know what to expect financially if you do have to deal with a leak or flood. For example, most standard homeowners policies will cover water damage caused by burst pipes or other accidental occurrences, but they typically won’t cover damage resulting from negligence (e.g., failure to maintain the property in good condition) or events that are specifically excluded (e.g., floods).

No one wants to deal with the headache of a plumbing leak or flood, but the good news is there are some simple things you can do to help prevent these nightmares from happening in your home. By inspecting exposed pipes regularly, keeping an eye on your water bill, and understanding what’s covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy, you can help reduce the risk of dealing with costly water damage down the road.

Best Plumbing Tools to Prevent Water Leakage & Flood in Your Home

If you want to be a DIY plumber, there are a lot of plumbing tools available for the basic plumbing maintenance and repairs. While some of the tools are for occasional use, others are for everyday use. Here is a list of essential plumbing tools that everyone should have at home.

1. Wrench Set

A wrench set is one of the most important plumbing tools as it is used to turn different types of valves and pipes.

2. Water Leak Detector

A water leak detector is a small electronic device that can be used to detect any leaks in the plumbing system. It emits a sound when it comes in contact with water so that you can easily find the source of the leak.

3. Pipe Cutters

Pipe cutters are used to cut pipes of different sizes. They are available in different sizes and can be used to cut PVC pipes, copper pipes, and other types of pipes.

4. Plunger

A plunger is a tool that is used to unclog toilets and drains. It has a rubber cup at the end that creates suction when it is pressed against the surface.

Talk to the Best Plumber in Houston

If you find yourself in need of the best plumbing in Houston, you may be wondering how to find the best one. There are many ways to find a good plumbing contractor, but the best way is to ask around for recommendations. Talk to your friends and family and see if they know anyone who has used a good plumbing contractor in the past.

At Houston plumber's Plumbing Service, we've built a solid reputation by providing high-quality plumbing services to homeowners and businesses throughout the Greater Houston area. We're proud to be one of the most trusted names in plumbing, and we're dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service.

If you're in need of a plumbing contractor, don't hesitate to give us a call.



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