How to Fix and Maintain a Bathroom Showerhead?

Bathroom showerhead choking is a massive problem for every household. Isn’t it? And frequent showerhead concerns can be challenging for you. It’s more problematic to call a plumber when you are in a hurry or rushing to quickly get ready.

They say prevention is better than cure. So, it’s better to keep the showerhead in an excellent state to ensure the least maintenance cost. But, what are the ways to fix your bathroom showerhead and maintain it for a prolonged period?

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Here are the best ways to fix and maintain a bathroom showerhead.

Let’s dive in!

1. Close the Water Supply : Before repairing your bathroom showerhead, it’s essential to close the main water supply. You might damage other bathroom fixtures, walls, and tiles if the water supply stays open.Also, an open water supply will make your task extensively difficult and deviate you from repairing the choked or broken showerhead.

2. Remove Your Existing Showerhead : Once you close the water supply, you are all set to start your repair work. Begin by removing the damaged showerhead. You might require a wrench or a screwdriver to detach the showerhead from your pipelines.At this moment, you should stay prepared for some residual water to fall off from the shower fixtures. So, it would help if you keep a towel handy for wiping purposes.

3. Clean the Shower Pipelines : While fixing the showerhead, you get the perfect chance of investigating the remaining pipelines.So, get a glimpse of the pipes to spot rusts, damages, or cracks. You can clean them if everything seems perfect. However, for advanced issues where a pipeline replacement is involved, you might require calling an emergency plumber in Houston to help you.

4. Install the New Showerhead : After your cleaning part gets over, it’s time to install the new showerhead! Still, you would require some tools to do this properly. Also, you need some plumbing tapes to ensure no water leakage from the pipe and showerhead junction.As you install the new shower head in your bathroom, you need to observe if water is leaking out from some portions or not. Accordingly, you can adjust the fixtures for zero leakage.

5. Keep an Extra Showerhead Handy : Have you ever encountered a situation where you are running late and short of extra showerheads? Sounds like a nightmare, right? So, the best plumber in Houston Texas suggests you keep an extra showerhead ready for adverse situations like choking and accidental damages. 

6. Maintain Your Showerhead Using Vinegar : Most homeowners get tired of corrosions and rusting in their showerheads. Also, these are the root cause of showerhead destruction in most cases. So, you need to keep these issues away from your showerheads. Luckily, you have vinegar to clean the bathroom showerheads and dissolve corrosions for the highest durability.

With the above tips in mind, you are all equipped with fixing and replacing a broken showerhead by yourself. Henceforth, you will never fall into a cumbersome situation like before, and in a dire need to call a master plumber in Houston Texas!

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- Donna Behrens

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